Born and raised in North West London, Monet is an inspiring young filmmaker and screenwriter. Her work reflects the primary elements of film in all the projects she works on. Her work mainly focuses on the short films, series, documentary, promotional and music. Monet creates moving images from the perspective of her view of the world and her vision. She has a passion for creating content, writing, developing films ideas and in-production projects.

Monet has been fortunate to have had projects that she has self-funded and created with online recognition. She has also experienced being a producer for a short film that was screen in cinema at a red-carpet premiere event. Monet loves to be involved with projects that follow the drama genre. Monet personally gets connected to projects that celebrate or express the authenticity within her race and culture.


Monet studied Media and Production as a BTEC course for 2 years at her college. Her passion for Media blossomed within those two years as she created short films, documentaries, adverts and music videos. She directed and wrote all her assignments. This is when she felt like she was made to be a director. She was awarded outstanding media student for both years and for her final major project called ‘Why Her?’ which was a short film, she was awarded ‘Best Sound’ at the Uxbridge College Film Festival 2014. She finished the Media and Production course with Distinction stars.

On that same summer, Monet decided to write a script for her first independent short film. By September 2014, her first independent short film ‘Double-Crossing’ was shot and edited and received great feedback. She then wanted to focus on film as she wants to explore her ideas, make compelling stories and film quality. Being a college award-winning filmmaking student, the energetic and determine Monet has now taken that confidence into university where she is currently studying Film Production at Southampton Solent University. Working independently for her brand and future production company business, she implants the influences of her interpretation of the world. Monet inspires to become a film director and screenwriter in the industry.  Her passion drives her to create and to continue creating.