For a project that is larger than one individual, I have the experience and determination in directing a crew to work professionally and efficiently. I like to work closely with the talent/s to bring out the best in their abilities. I have the understanding of the roles of being a cinematographer and editor and that what I personally feel that makes me a better director.


I have studied and practised filmmaking for over 5 years. I have the understanding on the process of filmmaking and I have the experience in applying that knowledge from pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. These roles involve, directing, producing, camera operator, 1st assistant director, the editor and more. I have experience in working on several different cameras such as the Arri Alexa, Sony F5, Blackmagic Ursa, Canon C100 and much more. Different types of lighting kits and accessories as well as editing software’s, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid and Davinci Resolve.


Most of the projects I have directed are projects I have written. I use my ideas and imagination to create compelling stories. I thoroughly enjoy the writing process and developing the narrative to make it as good as it can. I use Celtx and had used other softwares such as Final Draft.